3.4 Legal Framework

3.4.1 Legal Concerns

Creating and maintaining a website and may involve some or all of the following legal issues; copyright, domain name, patent, trademark, defamation, data validation, linking and framing, etc.

      1. Copyright Concerns
      2. Domain Name Concerns
      3. Patent and Trademark concerns
      4. Defamation and Data Validation
      5. Linking and Framing

For sure, consult a law professional will give you the peace of mind and greater protection against the allegation of breaching law.

3.4.2 Legal Notice

Again, it is emphasized that drafting a legal notice is a serious task. Legal advice from law professional is always better than none. The following legal notices are almost the standard to a web site.

  1. Copyright notice
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Terms of Use
  5. Credit

3.4.3 Resources

If limited by a tight budget, the following sites may provide a site builder some useful information and even sample notices. However, these notices are not localized for the local ordinance and the providers usually take no legal responsibilities for their information. They should not be viewed as a replacement of professional advice. We disclaim all liabilities for linking to these sites:

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